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Croc   Croc on Saturn
  Unfortunately the Saturn didn't get many 3D platformer's, with Croc seemingly being the only game on the system which even comes close to attempting a full Mario 64 style world. But luckily, whilst the controls take some time to get used to (make sure to get the analogue controller for this one) Croc is a very respectable take on the genre, it contains some nice level designs, good graphics, and a surprising amount of charm.
House of the Dead   House of the Dead on Saturn
  After re-popularising the lightgun genre with Virtua Cop, Sega came up with yet another seminal game for the period with the House of the Dead. House of the Dead adds some real chills and tension to the genre, with you desperately trying to shoot the heads off the gruesome Zombies before they close in on you. The classic just loses a few points here because graphically its a little on the disappointing side, certainly not standing up to the excellent Virtua cop ports on the system.
Albert Odyssey   Albert Odyssey
  Albert Odyssey is a turn based RPG in a similar vein to those you'd expect to see on the SNES (and indeed Albert Odyssey started off as SNES project but was moved to Saturn). Its plot involves a boy who's parents died when he was a baby that ended up being raised by Harpies (more like angels). The game doesn't hugely stand out compared to other RPG's on the system, but the gameplay is handled very well, the graphics are great, and the dialogue is well done and funny.
Magical Drop 3   Magical Drop 3
  A frenetic puzzle game where you pull the coloured spheres down, and then fire them back up to make combos of three or more. For this sort of puzzle game, Magical Drop is actually unexpectedly fast and furious, I'd even go as far as to call it action packed! Tons of fun, and very under appreciated import.
Sexy Parodius   Sexy Parodius on Saturn
  Probably my favourite game of Konami's Parodius series (which is a wacky offshoot of its classic Gradius series). Here, apart from the improved graphics, more impressive weapons, and plethora of different characters, you've also got various mission objectives added to the levels, such as shooting down a set number of enemies, or collecting a set number of coins, whether or not you successfully complete these missions decides which branching path you'll take for the next level, which makes for some interesting gameplay. Don't let the title fool you into thinking there's going to be a lot of risque imagery though, the elements contained here are pretty harmless and tame.
Theme Park   Theme Park on Saturn
  Theme Park has you creating and running your own theme park, building rides and taking careful control of your funds. The game is much more fun than it sounds, and is very accessible and addictive.
Samurai Shodown 4   Samurai Shodown 4 on Saturn
  A big improvement and a huge return to form for the series after Samurai Shodown 3, Samurai Shodown 4 just felt like it was a better balanced, more polished, and more fun to play game. Samurai Shodown is a very fast, weapons based fighting game, there's some truly beautiful, sumptuous backgrounds here, and the character designs are first rate too.
Death Tank Zwei   Death Tank Zwei
  Whilst very crude looking, Death Tank is a fun party game for up to seven people simultaneously, it has you adjusting the trajectory and power or shots in real time (not turn based like Worms), trying to kill the other players. Everytime you kill a player you get money to spend on new weapons between matches, such as nukes, and powerups that allow your tank to fly. Games generally become very chaotic matches of team ups and broken alliances. Death Tanks is actually only given away as an extra with many of the Lobotomy programmed first person shooters, the easiest way to get it is to put on Duke Nukem whilst having a Quake save game on your Saturn internal memory.
Super Puzzle Fighter II   Puzzle Fighter II on Saturn
  As mentioned earlier, quite similar to Baku Baku, but here you have to match coloured "crash" gems with their respective coloured blocks, instead of animals. In my opinion this is the better game out of the two, as it has better presentation, more straightforward gameplay (its harder to keep in mind what animal eats what in Baku, although that difference could be seen as a strength for those interested in more complicated gameplay), and a few other minor new inclusions which raise it that little bit higher in quality.
DoDonPachi   DoDonPachi
  One of the more popular and well known of the bullet hell shooters. If anyone is unfamiliar with the sub genre, DoDonPachi is effectively like a traditional vertical scrolling shmup, but with elaborate bullet patterns swarming the entire screen at pretty much all times, to make up for the number of bullets, only a small section of your ship is actually vulnerable, shots pass through the rest of you doing no harm. A word of warning to those new to shmups though, these types of shooters are really aimed towards the hardcore fans.
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