Confuzion   G9 S8 V10 P10      
Continental Circus     92%    
Contraption   G7 S6 V7 P6      
Crackdown Top Down Shooter     Thumbs Up  
Crete 1941     66%    
Cricket Captain Sports     Smile  
Cybernoid Shoot-em-up     13,15,15/20  
Cybernoid II Shoot-em-up     11/20  
Daley Thompson's Decathlon   G9 S8 V9 P9      
Dan Dare       18,19,16/20  
Dan Dare III       90%  
Dangermouse in Double Trouble   G8 S8 V8 P9      
Dark Fusion     68%    
Deathville   G7 S7 V7 P8      
Deep Strike   G7 S5 V6 P8      
Defenders of the Earth     61%    
Deliverance     89% Thumbs Up  
Devil's Crown, The   G8 S6 V7 P8      
Dominator Shoot-em-up   57% 69%  
Doomsday Blues   G9 S9 V9 P9      
Doppleganger   G8 S8 V7 P8      
Dragon Breed Shoot-em-up   72% Curry  
Dragon Spirit Shoot-em-up   81% 88%  
Driller       19,18,16/20  
Dynamite Dux Beat-em-up   88% 83%  
Edd the Duck       Guy Yawning  
Eidolon, The         96%
Elevator Action   G8 S7 V7 P8      
Emlyn Hughs International Soccer Sports   93%    
E-Motion     92% Rabbit out of Hat  
Er*Bert Q bert clone G8 S7 V8 P8      
E-Swat   88%      
Exolon       20,19,19/20  
Explorer   G6 Sn/a V2 P2      
Extreme       Jackpot  
Fairlight   G9 S7 V8 P8      
Fantasy World Dizzy     89% 86%  
Feud   G9 S9 V10 P9      
Final Fight Beat-em-up     Guy yawning  
Fire and Forget     94% 18/20  
Firelord       19,17,15/20 88%
Flimbos Quest Platformer   73% Gold  
Football Manager   G8 S7 V8 P8      
Frost Byte   G8 S8 V8 P9   18,19,18/20  
Galaxy Force     40%    
Galivan   G6 S7 V7 P7