Title Genre C&VG AA ACU Amtix
Game Over       19,17,18/20  
Game Over II       17/20  
Gary Lineker's Super Skills       2/20  
Gauntlet Top Down Shooter G9 S9 V8 P10     95%
Gazza 2 Sports   88%    
Gemini Wing Shoot-em-up   81% 80%  
Geoff Capes Strong Man   G8 S7 V8 P8      
Get Dexter Isometric G10 S9 V10 P10     94%
Ghostbusters   G8 S9 V7 P9      
Ghostbusters 2     94% 80%  
Ghosts N' Goblins Platform-shooter       80%
Ghouls   G8 S8 V8 P8      
Ghosts N Goblins   G7 S7 V8 P8      
Ghouls N' Ghosts Platform-shooter     87%  
Goldenaxe Beat-em-up   75% Gold  
Green Beret         81%
Guerilla War Top Down Shooter     13/20  
Hammerfist   88%   Boxing Glove  
Harvey Headbanger   G9 S8 V9 P7      
Head over Heels Isometric Ad G10 S8 V8 P8      
Heartland   G8 S9 V8 P7      
Helter Skelter       Gold  
Hero Quest Strategy     Rabbit out of Hat  
Highway Encounter   G10 S9 V10 P10      
Hirise   G9 S8 V8 P9      
Hostages     76% Gold  
Hunchback   G8 S7 V5 P4      
Hydrofool Isometric     18,11,17/20  
Icon Jon   G7 S6 V8 P8      
Ikari Warriors Top Down Shooter G10 S7 V10 P10   18,18,18/20 94%
Impossamole       Thumbs up  
Impossible Mission   G7 S6 V7 P7      
Incredible Shrinking Sphere     82% 83%  
Infiltrator   G8 S8 V7 P8      
Inheritance, The   G8 Sn/a V8 P8      
International Karate Fighting G4 S5 V3 P3   0,14,16/20  
Into the Eagles Nest Top Down Shooter     18,18,18/20 90%
It's a Knockout   G5 S5 V3 P3      
Jack Nicklaus Sports     Guy Yawning  
Jack the Nipper   G8 S8 V7 P8      
Jammin'   G8 S9 V8 P9      
Jump Jet   G8 S8 V8 P9      
Kane   G7 S7 V7 P7      
Karnov Platformer     15/20  
Kick Off 2 Sports   86%    
Klax Puzzle   89% Gold