Commodore 64 Reviews


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Gs - Getting Started

G - Graphics

S - Sound


V - Value

P - Playability


Title Genre C&VG ZZAP!    
10th Frame   G9 S9 V10 P9      
180   G7 S9 V10 P9 70%    
1942   G8 S9 V8 P9      
1943   G6 S4 V0 P0      
Ace   G8 S8 V9 P9      
Ace of Aces   G10 S8 V8 P8 88%    
Acro Jet   G9 S8 V9 P8      
Action Biker   G7 S7 V9 P9      
Alien   G1 S6 V2 P2      
Aliens   G9 S9 V8 P8      
Alleykat   G8 S7 V8 P8      
Alter Ego   Gn/a Sn/a V9 P10      
Amazon Warrior   G8 S7 V8 P8      
Americam 3D Pool   75%      
America's Cup Challenge   G6 S6 V7 P6      
Ancipital   G10 S9 V9 P10      
Ant Attack   G9 S5 V8 P8      
Aqua Racer   G8 S7 V7 P8      
Arabian Nights   Gs8 G9 V8 P9      
Arac   G9 S6 V8 P8      
Arcadia Shoot-em-up (SS) Gs7 G6 P5 V6      
Arcana   G8 S7 V8 P8      
Arctic Fox   G8 S7 V7 P8      
Assault Machine, The   G8 S8 V8 P7      
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron   G9 S8 V6 P5 60%    
Automan   G6 S7 V7 P6      
Back to the Future   G8 S9 V7 P8 32%    
Bat   65%      
Bat Attack   Gs8 G6 P7 V6      
Bazooka Bill   G9 S9 V9 P9      
BC Bill   Gs9 G9 V9 P8      
BC 2 - Grogs Revenge   G8 S7 V6 P8      
Beach Head Shooter Gs8 G8 V9 P9 70%    
Beach Head II   G9 S9 V8 P8      
Beer Belly Bert   G7 S7 V7 P8      
Beyond the Forbidden Forest   G3 S5 V4 P3      
Biggles   G7 S7 V8 P8