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Retro Weekends Episode 46: Highway Encounter

Retro Weekends plays and reviews Highway Encounter for the ZX Spectrum. All gameplay footage taken from real hardware.


What we thought

"Well It does what it says on the tin reasonably well, but those controls, sheesh, I hated the controls in this game they're really confusing! Granted the way that you control acceleration in the game does add to the depth but for me I don't think it offsets the minus' involved. The game is also too short, I think it should've been split into multiple levels instead of just the one huge level. The game looks okay, the puzzle elements are fairly basic but they're alright, and the run n' gun elements are also okay too. I think the game is fairly average all in all."


"This is a smart little game. I quite like the concept, which fuses action and puzzle solving, with you moving blocks around to deal with spikes whilst blasting the enemies. Graphically this is designed well for Spectrum as there's not really any colour clash and you can see everything clearly on there, I also like the isometric graphics and think they work quite nicely. Personally I think the action elements work reasonably for 1985, the control set-up has its pros and cons (I like the way you can go from 0 to 60 and speed away from danger) but the game feels imprecise. This was however still quite early for this type of game and they hadn't fully perfected controls at the time, so I'm not going to hold the controls too much against it. The game has an idea in it that's unique and it implements it reasonably well, which is more than can be said for most of the games of the year, I'm going to give it a borderline 4/5"

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