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Chris & Rich Plays Episode 11: Kikstart 2

Retro Weekends plays and reviews Kikstart 2 for the C64. All gameplay footage taken from real hardware.


What we thought

"This game is really enjoyable and very much feels like a precursor to the Trials games on the XBox, a series which I really enjoyed. In the beginning I felt the game would be too difficult as there's so much to remember but when you've got past that initial wall you actually learn it quite quickly, and completing a track without falling gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Graphically its fine for the time, musically it only has one tune though unfortunately. Where it shines though is the sheer amount of variety in the game, I think there was something like 24 courses to race on and you can make your own tracks on top of that, the course designer is great, very intuitive and quick to use. "

(Budget Game Score) 5/5

"I think this is quite an original game with a good concept behind it, maybe its not the most accessible of games as it takes a good 30 minutes to an hour to really get to grips with it but bear with it and you'll find a fun and sometimes even exhilarating experience. Graphically I think this looks quite good, and it sounds quite reasonable as well, its just lacking in numbers of different tunes. On the bad side there's no championship here and if you're on your own it decreases the enjoyment a bit, but there's still stuff to do (such as the time trials), and to be fair designing your own courses is quite interesting and time consuming for the single player. This course editor in the game is fully-featured and allows you to do any kind of course you would see in the included tracks. This is, for sure one of the best budget games released in the 1980's, on par with games like Thrust and Fantasy World Dizzy."

(Budget Game Score) 5/5
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