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Retro Weekends Episode 28: Skyblazer

Retro Weekends plays and reviews Starblazer for the SNES. All gameplay footage taken from real hardware.
What we thought

"I started out really enjoying this game, I liked the level and art design and at first I enjoyed the boss fights as well but after a while they started to feel a little generic and repetitive. Unfortunately though the game is just too easy, the heal power-up is too useful and we ended up with over 40 lives by the end of the game! That being said though I was still going to give it a 4/5 but there was one thing that really dragged it down for me and that was the hit detection, the hit detection in this game was often awful."


"This is a fun game, maybe a little too short and lacking in original ideas but its entertaining. The gameplay has some similarities to Mega Man X, with you climbing walls and collecting new moves as you progress and such but I don't feel that the implementation is quite as good, the moves you collect don't feel like they're integrated into the level design quite as well as they were in Capcom's game and they don't feel as imaginative either. I also feel that for 1994 this is somewhat lacking in impressive effects as well, the bosses in games like Dynamite Headdy blow away this game's offerings in complexity. Not to say the game doesn't have a lot of good points, its definitely a varied and polished game, its just a bit too easy and not quite original enough for 1994 in my opinion so its only just missed a 4/5 for me. Had this been released a year earlier I think I would've given it a 4/5 but by 1994 the bar was just too high."

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