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Capcom Vs SNK II   Capcom Vs SNK II on Gamecube
  Good fighting game pitting the characters of Capcom games against those of their rivals Snk. The game looks great and has a lot of modes and options you can choose that effect the fights in different ways. This GameCube version is slightly less accurate than the PS2 and Dreamcast versions and tends to be deemed as not tournament worthy, but for anyone who's not too serious about playing the game its still a lot of fun to experience with friends.
Phantasy Star Online Episode III   Phantasy Star Online Episode III
  The third episode of Phantasy Star Online, and its a big departure for the series, with this one focusing on turn-based card-battling. The game has a main hub where you can walk around and interact with other characters and shop, and a missions list that you need to complete in order to progress the story. Missions take the form of card battles which take place on a grid, you take it in turns attacking each other, summoning creatures and moving. Its a good game, but bear in mind that its more a complex card game than RPG (unlike Baiten Kaitos for example).
Mario Party 5   Mario Party 5
  Here we go again with yet another Mario Party game! By now you probably know the general set-up of the series, its a party game which takes the form of a board game with the players moving from space to space after a dice throw, at the end of each turn everyone plays mini games in order to get coins and bonuses. The game is fun for multiplayer but quickly becomes dull for those playing alone. Not much different from any other games in the series but at least presentation and graphics have been improved and it is fun.
Bloody Roar: Primal Fury   Bloody Roar Primal Fury
  This is a very respectable 3D fighting game where all the characters can turn into powered up beast forms. Its not massively unique, but represents its genre well enough and is polished and fun, with nice art design. This iteration in the series is actually an updated version of the PS2 game Bloody Roar 3, with improved graphics and new characters.
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance   Baldur's Gate on Gamecube
  Classic hack n' slash RPG with an isometric viewpoint. The game includes a very well thought out experience and equipment system that leads to some deep RPG fighting and in-depth gameplay. The plot here is above average, and the game includes a cool 2-player co-op mode. I dropped this a good few places as unfortunately the game is a little inferior to the other versions.
Lost Kingdoms II   Lost Kingdoms II
  JRPG sequel that has you battling in real time and exploring the levels and villages to open up new locations on a map to progress through the game. The RPG is another card battler, but is unlike the others of its type on the system as its all action-based and in real-time. Essentially your character throws the cards to the floor in real-time and they materialise weapons for you to use, create AI monsters which fight for you, or make creatures that give you status effects (such as giving you health, or attack bonuses), as the cards are used up more are automatically drawn and allocated to the four face buttons. It feels a little low budget at times but is one of the more accessible and fun of its type on the system and has quite respectable art design, there's a fun 2-player competitive mode too.
Conflict Desert Storm 2   Conflict Desert Storm 2 on Gamecube
  Tricky squad-based 3rd person shooter with a nice amount of attention to detail and measured gameplay that stresses vigilance. One of the more notable aspects of the game is its 4-player co-op mode that focuses on teamwork and communication where you and a group of friends fill each of the important squad roles.
Lego Star Wars II   Lego Star Wars II on Gamecube
  Another fun and accessible release in Traveler's Tail's Lego series of tie-in games. These games have you playing through the plots of famous movies with a cast and environment consisting completely of Lego products. Gameplay is focused on action, with you shooting and slashing at the armies of enemies, solving very simplistic puzzles, and collecting tons of stuff. The best elements of the game's have got to be their humour and charm, and their fun 2-player co-operative support. There were two games in the series on GameCube, but this one covers the classic movies so its automatically better!
The Sims   The Sims on Gamecube
  Simulation game where you get to play god with the inhabitants of a small household. The game (created by the guy who made Sim-City) has you feeding, washing, and just generally taking care of virtual people, as well as designing and renovating their living quarters. There's a lot of customisation involved as well as a good amount of interactivity too. Its quite a compulsive experience if you get into it, but bear in mind that this game takes up pretty much an entire memory card!
Madden NFL 2005   Madden 2005 on Gamecube
  A very good American Football game from Electronic Arts with all the features you'd expect for the time. This release was definitely an improvement over the previous year's offering, polishing up the defensive gameplay and greatly improving the graphics.
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