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Alundra   Alundra
  Alundra is a excellent action adventure title where you fight through the worlds and dungeons slashing at monsters and solving puzzles, essentially its a Zelda clone for the PS1 (even the graphics style is reminiscent of Link to the Past on SNES). The story of the game isn't the most original, but the dialogue is fairly good and its certainly enough to hold attention, and there are a few unique elements to the gameplay, such as the character's ability to enter peoples nightmares in an effort to rescue them.
Rollcage Stage 2   Rollcage Stage 2
  This is a futuristic racing game which has you driving a flippable car that can drive along walls and ceilings, in a lot of ways it feels like a cross between the Wipeout and F-Zero series', with Wipeout's sense of style, and difficulty, but with F-Zero's elaborate gravity defying courses. This sequel improved immensely on the original game, which was a little finicky and difficult to play, they made the gameplay here a little more accessible, and the controls and physics are much more intuitive too.
Star Ocean: The Second Story   Star Ocean the Second Story
  The PS1 is most assuredly one of the greatest machines out there for JRPGs, its just packed to the max with quality titles, and classic games like this, which could probably get into any other consoles top 20 sadly end up being overshadowed. Star Ocean is a highly polished, and very endearing RPG from Enix, it has some beautifully crafted presentation, with memorable environments and very high quality music, and its full of content, with an interesting item creation mechanic, and loads and loads of different endings.
RayCrisis   Raycrisis on PS1
  The 3rd title in the Layer Section/Rayforce series of vertical shooters continues the polygonal 3D of the second game, but is, in my opinion a big improvement in gameplay design, returning the series to the high quality of the original title. The gameplay has you firing on two levels, you fire forwards with your main gun, but also have a lock-on homing missile launcher for dealing with enemies below you, this system has always worked well for the series and there's no exception here, the graphics are colourful, stylish, and impressive, and really compliment the gameplay style very well.
Anna Kournikova/Smash Court 2   Smash Court Tennis
  A tennis game which doesn't take itself too seriously, Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis' emphasis is purely on fun, and along with the friendly, accessible single player there's a truly brilliant 4-player mode as icing on the cake.
Breath of Fire 4   Breath of Fire 4
  Here's nice, solid RPG from Capcom with interesting characters and stylish artwork that's full of charm. Breath of Fire isn't the most original of RPGs out there, but the developers have done a good job in all the crucial areas, the plot is good, the environments are cool, there's a lot of minigames and side tasks, and the battle system is entertaining, and has a few quirks of its own (such as the ability to change some characters into dragon forms, and the feature of swapping characters to the bench during combat). Overall its a nice title which doesn't tend to be too expensive and is certainly worth checking out.
Vigilante 8 2nd Offence   Vigilante 8 Second Offence
  The Vigilante 8 games were an excellent series of vehicular combat games which took over from where popular titles such as Twisted Metal left off, adding a lot of much needed polish, and variety to the genre. This sequel has the expected improvements to presentation, but is also better balanced than the original game, and has more gameplay modes and features.
Mr Driller   Mr Driller on PS1
  This brilliant puzzle game has you digging downwards through blocks in an attempt to reach the bottom of the screen without getting yourself crushed. Its kind of like a mixture of Namco's earlier title, Dig Dug, and the 8-bit legend Boulderdash.
Micro Machines V3   Micro Machines V3
  3D sequel to the classic multiplayer series or top down racing games. The game has you racing tiny cars across a variety of very imaginative courses, from breakfast and pool tables, to ponds and science labs, the gameplay from the excellent 16-bit titles has transferred over to the new perspective, and Codemasters have done an admirable job of including as much content as possible, with a huge variety of vehicles from both the standard series, and the combat themed Military edition.
MDK   MDK on PS1
  If you want loads of fast paced running and blasting action with doses of bizarre humour thrown in for good measure this is where you go. MDK essentially has you moving through the levels using a variety of cool weaponry (including the ever excellent sniper rifle, and grenades) shooting everything that moves and solving the occasional puzzle. The only thing holding the game back a little is that its over fairly quickly, but its great fun whilst it lasts.
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