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Time Warriors  

Starblazer 198 time warriors

  Starblazer #198
An alien race transports warriors from earth's past just before their moment of death to ask them to take part in an interplanetary gladiatorial match for their planet's future (they have little experience of violence themselves). With nothing to lose, the warriors, ranging from Cheyenne braves to World War II soldiers and SAS agents agree to take part in the competition. Casanovas Jr provides some unusually grim art and writing for the comic here as the warriors desperately fight their opponents to the death.
Slayer in the Mist  

Starblazer 240 slayer in the mist

  Starblazer #240
Slayer in the Mist opens with a down-on-his-luck highwayman's attempted robbery going wrong, injured he narrowly escapes and collapses in a forest only to be aided and nursed back to health by a mysterious cleric. The highway man confesses his sins and agrees to repay his benefactor by dealing with a local witch. This story has a memorable fairy tale-like quality to it which compliments the involvingly winding plot, as well as some ever excellent and imaginative artwork from Alcatena as always.
Son of the Sword  

Starblazer 261 son of the sword

  Starblazer #261
This issue of Starblazer contains a humourous story about a Prince who is raised by Elven peasants after the betrayal and assassination of his family. The Prince grows into a decidedly dimwitted young man before learning of his heritage and resolving to go on a quest with his more streetwise adopted brother to hunt down the culprits. To my mind probably the funniest of the comedic outings during Starblazer's lifespan.

Starblazer 199 netherworld

  Starblazer #199
Another appearance from private detective of the future Mikal R Kayn. After witnessing a suspicious crash Mikal believes he may have stumbled onto a cover up, further investigation leads him to discover a people trafficking scheme. This issue does an excellent job of really building on the world and characters of the series, we get to see the criminal under city of Netherworld, as well as being introduced to recurring characters like the pilot Mindy and crime boss Jughead. The Amazonian-like alien Cinnibar also makes a welcome reappearance here, with her subsequent popularity leading to her gaining her own later Starblazer stories.
The Infernal Triangle  

Starblazer 188 infernal triangle

  Starblazer #188
This smart little story follows three different planets; Colonia, Holci and Monta after communication has broken down between their leaders. Distrust and greed slowly creates a cycle of escalation that leads to a devastating war between the three actors. Cassanovas Jr provides another Starblazer full of grim plotting and art with an anti-war sentiment running through the narrative that was rarely seen in Starblazer.
Skald - The Warlock Saga  

Starblazer 190 skald

  Starblazer #190, #241, #267
This set of loosely linked stories begins when the protagonist, Skald, a young herder living under a tyrannical state is chosen to be taken into a life of servitude. Deciding to go against the laws of his country Skald escapes from the city and decides to try to break the power of the ruling Warlocks, a sinister group who covet ancient technology. Along the way he runs into, and teams up with a warrior women named Linx, a member of a tribe that practices cultural gender role reversal. The three stories cover their adventures as they rid their lands and those of others of the Warlocks influence wherever they find them. Some well put together stories, containing memorable characters and scenes. Art is alternately done by Garijo and Alcatena, with A C Hemus providing all the plots.
Till Death Do Us Part  

Starblazer 219 till death do us part

  Starblazer #219
Mikal R Kayn's tenth outing has him investigating the sudden death of a wealthy heir who's recently been married. The investigation leads him towards a bride-to-order service that genetically creates humanoid companions for their patrons. The brash Mindy makes a welcome return here to help Mikal go undercover to investigate the company. An interesting story that tentatively steps out of the boundaries of the usual Starblazer plot, and in my opinion Mikal's most noteworthy outing in the comic.

Starblazer 141 spaceroamer

  Starblazer #141
Spaceroamer is an insanely dense story that sends the reader across a Galaxy and back in 60 pages. The story concerns a shape shifting mercenary named Thad Yatis as he goes on a mission to steal a super weapon before it's given to a notorious, warmongering race of aliens. The story is a great vehicle for Alcatena's artwork as the main character spends most of the book jetting around the galaxy at a breakneck pace entering weird and wonderful environments and coming into contact with a plethora of alien species. An over the top and entertaining story.
The Song of the Sword  

Starblazer 251 song of the sword

  Starblazer #251
The Song of the Sword follows a world-weary soldier named Thordvige, a man who's who's been hardened by a harsh life in a land of constant war. Thordvige is given a mission from a mysterious, generously-paying cloaked man he meets in a bar to retrieve a priceless religious artifact from a sacred monastery. The story is an excellent offering from Cassanovas Junior, containing the usual moody art of his early Starblazer work, and some evocative storytelling full of intrigue.
Legends of Anglerre  

Starblazer 200 anglerre saga

  S-B #200, #224, #231, #250, #271
For the number one story I've decided to somewhat cheat and combine together the entirety of the Anglerre series. This is a series of epic fantasy tales which follow three generations of the Anglerre royal family through history. The family protect their kingdom from many different threats, from evil sorcerers, to Lovecraftian being's from other worlds, always with the help of the ancient wizard Myrdan. The series is packed full of some of the best of Alcatena's artwork, with grotesque monsters and psychedelic, otherworldly dimensions. The writer for the series, M. Chinn keeps the pace moving at a good speed and does an excellent job at providing Alcatena with more than enough interesting material to shine. Definitely one of the finest adventure storylines to come out of the publisher DC Thomson.
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