ESWAT on Genesis
This is classic early Mega Drive through and through. The main feature that sets Eswat apart from others is the excellent jet pack, which, whilst taking a little time to get used to is implemented perfectly in respects to some of the intricate level designs. The game also features some of the catchiest music on the system.
General Chaos
General Chaos
The Mega Drive had a plethora of good strategy games released for it, and General Chaos was one of the more wacky and unique ones, great multiplayer mode too.
Sparkster on Genesis
The second of the Rocket Knight Adventures games was a big departure from its popular predecessor, this time around the developers decided to take some chances and completely focus the game play around the jet pack, now giving you the ability to pretty much fly through the stages without the need to land. Not as good as the original but still a solid and distinctly unique game in its own right
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
NBA Jam on Genesis
Full of great options, over the top action, loads of secret characters, improved music over its predecessor, and an excellent 4 player option, tournament edition was definitely the superlative Mega Drive basketball option for 94' and is still remembered with much fondness now.
Rolo to the Rescue
Rolo to the Rescue
A brilliant platformer from the people who made the James Pond games, the thing that stands out is its focus on all the different animals abilities, allowing you to swap between them on the fly when needed. It has some great cutesy graphics, loads of playability and many hidden secrets with two different endings depending on how many friends you manage to rescue.
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel
After the abomination that was the Aero series Iguana Entertainment really did a turn around and released this. Great game play and level designs, loads of originality and a main character who was actually pretty decent.
Marvel Land/Talmit's Adventure
Marvel Land
It may not be the most original platformer of all time but what it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in charm, length and well designed playability.
Zombies Ate my Neighbours
Zombies Ate my Neighbors on Genesis
The popular top down shmup where you save the hostages and shoot the zombies, a fun game that doesn't take itself too seriously and is a joy to play with a friend. Not quite as good as the SNES version, the Mega Drive port suffers from a large status bar and downgraded colours, but it still retains all its playability excellently.
Sub Terrania
Sub Terrania
A very original and unique take on the gravity style of shmups (you know, like asteroids or thrust) but this time with much more focus and variety afforded by it's mission based structure, the game is also relatively difficult so those who give up easily need not apply.
Splatterhouse 3
Splatterhouse 3
Splatterhouse 3 is one of those games that really couldn't have been done justice on any other console of the time, it needed the horror and blood to add to the chilling atmosphere and tension. The game play in this one had been much refined over it's predecessors with more of a beat-em-up style to it, the inclusion of multiple story paths really made the whole thing a little more interesting than before too.
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