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  Solstice - Getting Started  

I decided that a simple "basics of Solstice" page may be of some help to people, due to the fact that many have not played the games that it is decended from, I'm not going to go into too much detail (that would spoil the game) but here are just some of the basics.




Solstice pic 1


when you cannot reach certain areas, if there are blocks laying around they can be stacked to give you the extra height you need.

You can pick up the block that you are jumping off of by pressing the jump and pick up button simultaneously, this allows you to re-use one of the blocks you have just stacked.




You can put down blocks in mid-air allowing you to use them as a stepping stone.

Solstice pic 2

solstice pic 3

Blocks can be pushed on top of monsters, allowing you to safely stand on them as they walk along their set paths.  


Mauve Potion - Invincibility
Pink Potion - Destroys all enemies in a room

Green Potion - Makes invisible stuff visible

Yellow Potion - Stops everything from moving
The potions can seem a bit daunting at first but there is not really anything too complicated about their use, if a room looks impossible to navigate then you probably need to use the the green potion to make hidden stuff appear, if it appears that you need to stand on a monster and there are no platforms to push on them then you probably need to use the Mauve potion to make yourself invincible.
Well, thats it for this getting started tutorial, I hope that what's written here will help you get the hang of the way the game works, as it really is one of the best N.E.S games out there.
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