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  Adam Eterno  
adam eterno lion valiant
  Immortal man cursed to live forever. He travels time and space righting wrongs and fighting injustice in an effort to gain penance.

Adam Eterno has some slight super-strength and is invulnerable to everything but Gold. Unfortunately in Adam's world Gold weapons seem to be incredibly common and you can't go for more than a couple of hours before someone with a sword made out of Gold, Gold bullets, or a pet monster made out of gold turns up and tries to kill you!

  Billy the Cat  

beano billy the cat

  Billy is a hero from the Beano who trained to be a vigilante after his parents (both police officers) died during a high speed chase.

He has peak human attributes, gadgets, and is able to easily throw grown adults through the air and jump to a roof from the ground.

He's kind of like a posh English-kid version Batman I guess, heh. Stories can be a little twee but he's mainly aimed at youngsters.
  General Jumbo  
beano general jumbo
  Like Billy the Cat, General Jumbo is another vintage Superhero from the Beano that is most likely aimed at younger children.

He has an army of remote controlled toy soldiers and vehicles that obey his every command that were given to him by a local scientist.

  The Leopard from Lime Street  
  Popular and fairly long-lived teenage superhero who appeared in the comic "Buster" before it became a humour-only title.

The Leopard loses some placings because the character's whole plot outline is lifted wholesale from Spider-Man! The Leopard gained his powers by being scratched by a radioactive Leopard! he has to take photograph's of himself for a local newspaper to help out his sick aunt, and the owner of the newspaper even hates the Leopard too!

Outside of the main plot outline it's actually quite different though, with plots tending to be a lot more down to Earth and working class.
  Cat Girl  
sally cat girl
  Another Cat-themed super-hero, must've been a popular theme in the UK (there's also The Cat from "Catch the Cat" but she's French).

Cat Girl is a likeable Super-heroine from girls comics "Sally" and "Tammy", she was the daughter of an inept private detective who discovered a mystical Cat suit that enhanced her speed and agility.

Whilst not much of a fighter (I've seen her get KO'd by a fat guy wielding a shoe before) she excels in smarts and stealthiness, of which she uses to solve crimes and aid her father from behind the scenes.
  Devlin Waugh  
devlin waugh 2000ad
  Vampiric off-shoot from Judge Dredd comics.

Devlin Waugh was a gay, supernatural investigator for the Vatican who was infected by a group of ravenous vampires whilst on a mission.

Luckily Devlin's "good breeding", cultured nature, and stiff upper lip allowed him to fight off his blood-lust and retain all his humanity after turning, resulting in him giving the blighters a damn good thrashing.
  Jack Staff  

  British character steeped in old UK comics lore that was originally self-published by the writer under his "Dancing Elephant" label but was later picked up by Image Comics for subsequent volumes.

The character uses a staff and has some level of energy manipulation, he also doesn't seem to age, being over a hundred years old.

Has had cameo's in Savage Dragon and Invincible.

mandala peter john zenith

  Peter St John is an aging Superhero from the Zenith series who went from being the archetypal 60s hippie in his youth to an uptight Conservative politician working under Maggie Thatcher in the 80s!

The character is the no-nonsense backbone of the comic, always begrudgingly stepping up to the challenge when the chips are down.

His true motives are shrouded in mystery and are probably a bit shady.
  Durham Red  

durham red 2000ad

  Another Vampire, this time an off-shoot from Strontium Dog comics

Durham's Vampirism is caused by a mutation. She uses her job as a bounty hunter to legally track down deserving victims for food.

Durham is a bit of a loner, other Mutants, as well as humans generally distrust and fear her due to her eating habits. She grew up on the streets after accidentally killing both of her parents as a child.

Many of her stories were written by Dan Abnett, who later gained popularity for his Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova runs for Marvel.

zenith 2000ad

  Zenith was acclaimed writer Grant Morrison's first foray into the super-hero genre, it gained a lot of praise for being unconventional.

The character is a mean-spirited young-adult with superman-esque abilities who's only really interested in fame and fortune (though to be fair he has been talked into risking his life on occasion).

Zenith's third story arc was Grant Morrison's attempt at doing a cynical version of a Crisis on Infinite Earth's story, featuring many of Britain's old superheroes from the 50s and 60s bickering with each other!

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