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  fantasy zone on sms Fantasy Zone
fantasy zone on master system
  1 player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - Master System  
  Some fantastic over the top colourful graphics and addictive game play come together perfectly in this shooter. The game entails flying about disposing of all the spawning bases, purchasing power-ups, and taking down the crazy bosses.  
sky shark
Flying Shark/Sky Shark
flying shark
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - Spectrum, NES  
  One of the earliest of the really accurate Speccy conversions (gameplay wise) A tough game with very well judged gameplay, that's addictive enough to make sure you are forever playing it "just one more time"  
  forgotten worlds on sms Forgotten Worlds
forgotten worlds on master system
  1 player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - Master System  
  A very nice version of the popular arcade game, the Master System gets around the arcade's control system by implementing an auto fire, the A and B buttons rotating your firing direction instead, which, in my opinion works pretty well, impressive graphics as always for the Master System too.  
gemini wing
Gemini Wing
gemini wing on c64
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - C64  
  Strangely enough I was never a huge fan of the original arcade version of Gemini Wing , I much prefer the less cartoony look and intense action of the C64 iteration, few would disagree that the music is actually better than the original arcade too!  
  gradius Gradius/Nemesis
nemesis on nes
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - N.E.S  
  An all time classic and one of the true genre defining moments in video game history, its power-up system was inspired, level designs nothing short of iconic and as an overall package was quite simply one of those times where everything came together perfectly.  
  gradius II Gradius II - Gofer's Ambition
gofer's ambition
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit version - N.E.S  
  I'm not too sure if this sequel holds up as well as Salamander (it's a bit cheap at times) but few would argue that it's still a quality shooter worthy of the Gradius name, filled to the brim with excellent set pieces.  
  nemesis 3 Gradius - Gofer's Ambition II/Nem 3
gofer's ambition on msx
  1 player  
  Stand out 8-bit version - MSX  
  Specially made for the MSX episode in the Gradius series, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this one, I like the increased pace of powering-up a lot as it helps to lessen the pain when you die.  
  gun nac Gun Nac
gun nac on nes
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit version - N.E.S  
  A kind of tongue in cheek spiritual sequel to Zanac. Gun Nac has loads of great weapons, lots of action going on with very little slow down and killer robot rabbits, what more do you want from a shooter?  
  katakis Katakis/Denaris denaris  
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit version - C64  

Unfairly labeled nothing but a clone of R-Type (the game nicks it's power-ups and some of the design) Katakis is very much a game in it's own right, playing very differently to R-Type, it also has one of the best soundtracks to grace any shmup ever.

  legendary wings on nes Legendary Wings
legendary wings
  2 player simultaneous  
  Stand out 8-bit version - N.E.S  
  A nice shooter, which is solid in all respects but unfortunately whilst doing nothing wrong doesn't really excel at anything either, always fun to play though, and most notably it has a very cool 2-player option to its credit.  
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