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  mr heli on amstrad Mr Heli/Battle Chopper
battle chopper
  1 player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - Amstrad  
  Really nice "cute-em-up" originally made by Irem, shoot the blocks and money falls out then use the money to buy ship upgrades.  
  over horizon on nes Over Horizon
over horizon on famicom
  1 player  
  Stand out 8-bit version - NES  
  One of the more notable games without a US release that appeared in Europe, Over Horizon is one of the true stand out NES shooters, it contains some fiendishly clever level designs, great power-up system and a really impressive amount of options (it even allows you to choose the positions of your options in an edit screen before the game begins) A true unknown gem.  
  parodius on msx Parodius
  1 Player  
  Stand Out 8-bit versions - MSX  
  The start of a great series of wacky re-workings of the Gradius theme (hence the parody-Gradius mixture title) only ever made for the MSX and very good it is too, the scrolling isn't too bad either compared to the usual MSX game.  
  parodius on nes Parodius/Parodius Da!
parodius da
  1 player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - NES  
  Fantastic sequel to the MSX only game (many people wrongly think that this was the first in the series) this is where Parodius was really starting to build it's own personality and fan base.  
  phobia on c64 Phobia
phobia boss
  2 player Simultaneous  
  Play it on - C64  
  Very difficult (but rarely unfair) shooter, with each level themed after a different fear, such the fear of spiders, or...er..the fear of butterflies and birds (shown to the right). I really like this game, I only wish I was good enough to play it! definitely one for the hardcore shooter fan.  
  powerstrike 2 Power Strike 2 power strike II  
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - Master System  
  Don't bother with the original Master System game (which had completely unbalanced game play) get the sequel instead, it's a much better looking and better playing game (the music however can be shockingly bad at times)  
  r-type on spectrum R-Type
r-type on master system
  1 Player  
  Stand out versions - Master System, Spectrum  
  R-Type was genius when it came out at the arcades, never since Gradius had so many new ideas been perfectly implemented, few shooters of the time could boast it's level of ingenuity and depth, and amazingly, it ended up being pretty well translated to some of the 8-bits.  
  recca on famicom Recca (Summer Carnival 92')
summer carnival 92
  1 Player  
  Stand out 8-bit versions - NES  
  Ridiculously fast shmup used for Naxat's Summer carnival competition in 92'. The game is quite difficult and pushes the NES hardware to the max with tons of sprites and intense action (though it does suffer from quite a bit of flicker)  
  sagaia on sms Sagaia/Darius II
darius ii on sms
  1 Player  
  Stand out version - Master System  
  One of the best looking 8-bit shooters of them all, the Master System really shows it's power with this game, with high quality throughout, it does suffer from flicker (like many MS shooters) but fortunately it doesn't lessen the experience, rock hard game play too.  
  saint dragon Saint Dragon
st dragon on c64
  1 Player  
  Stand out version - C64  
  One of the more unappreciated of C64 shooters, Saint Dragon also stands as one of the more accessible for the system. You control a dragon flying through levels with some of the best graphics and music realized on the C64, the bosses are big, well drawn and very impressive and the game play feature of allowing you to block bullets with your tail helps to add some nice individuality to the proceedings.  
  salamander Salamander/Lifeforce
  2 Player simultaneous (N.E.S only)  
  Stand out versions - C64, N.E.S  
  In my opinion Konami really perfected their shmup game play with Salamander, they totally went to town with their fantastic level designs which had you dodging moving spikes through a strange biological level one second, and flying over a sun whilst it threw up flames the next. The 2 player option and upwards scrolling levels were also a fantastic addition for the series.  
  scat on nes S.C.A.T
  2 Player simultaneous  
  Stand out version - N.E.S  

A real gem of a game from Natsume which is similar to Capcom's Forgotten Worlds. SCAT has some really excellent style and game play, and control wise manages to feel much better suited to home consoles than the Forgotten Worlds ports. Another criminally under-rated NES game that all genre fans should check out

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