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Here we are again with another console and another Top 100, as always i'm following a set of guidelines which I feel help to create a unbiased and most importantly, diverse list of games.

In the interest of having a list balanced throughout genre's I started out by grouping games into genre categories so that all types of game would be represented, unfortunately this sometimes has the effect of pushing out good games from the list merely because they are from genre's well represented on the console (such as is often the case with platforming games)

I feel that the inclusion of Sports games is important to give a well rounded idea of a system, but due to that particular genre's focus on sequels and updates I feel that unless a game is distinctly unique, it should be given a relatively low priority.

In the circumstance of sequels, the most notable game of the series gets precedent with others getting low priority, this gives more unique games more of a chance to shine and stops the top end of the list getting swamped by sequels all of which play similar to each other.

Ports from earlier systems that do not use the machine to its fullest are low priority, even if they have been slightly upgraded.

I also feel that it is worthwhile including imports as many retro games can be imported with very little difficulty these days, however this is an English language website dedicated to the real hardware, so only games which are either in English, or do not need any understanding of Japanese (such as fighting games or shmups) are featured, this means that any game in any of the lists on this website can be played without the use of FAQ's, it also means that Japanese language RPG's will not be included.

Thanks and enjoy the list





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