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Psychic Detective   psychic detective 3do
  The biggest problems with interactive movie games are usually the slow pacing and lack of interactivity for the player. The creators of Psychic Detective however did a wonderful job of keeping it's pace fast and giving the player a lot of control on where they wanted the story to go. As such they managed to make an FMV game that was actually solid and interesting, ultimately allowing it to reach a place on this list (for a console derided for having nothing but interactive movies there are only two included in this entire top 50).
Soccer Kid  
soccer kid 3do
  It's easy to take one look at the cheap graphics of Soccer Kid and disregard it as a generic platformer but this would be an unfair presumption as the game's actually quite well made and unique. One of the more interesting things here is that everything revolves around your manipulation of a Football in different ways, which gives the game it's own personality. Heck, IGN still rated Soccer kid 7/10 when it came out for the GBA 8 years later!
PGA Tour Golf   pga golf 3do
  This is a pretty all-around decent golf release from Electronic Arts, it pretty much has all the usual options and plethora of different courses that you would expect from a good golf game from the time. To be honest it kind of makes you realise that golf games haven't really changed a whole lot!
Casper   casper 3do
  This was a game that I avoided for many years simply due to its movie license status, which was definitely a mistake on my part. Casper is an action-adventure in the style of Zelda, you explore a huge mansion doing simple puzzles, hitting switches and gaining new abilities that allow you to open up the map. Its not giving any of its famous competition a run for their money, but if you're a fan of the genre and want something of the like to play on your 3DO then this is worth checking out.
Slayer   Slayer on 3DO
  Slayer has all the in depth options, items and stats that you'd expect from an official D & D licensed game. The main part of the game is reminiscent of old classic computer RPGs like Dungeon Master, but with the movement being modernised to being like Doom (which was massive at the time). You basically just explore dungeons, kill monsters, collect items and gold, and cast spells, it's actually quite addictive. Unfortunately the control system is a little over-complicated, it even has a smooth turn button for more precision (which you really need to learn to use to play the game properly), but you get used to it pretty fast.
Quarantine   quarantine 3do
  Quite an interesting but flawed early sandbox game for the time, Quarantine is almost like a sort of proto Crazy Taxi! You drive around the dangerous post-apocalyptic city picking up and dropping off passengers gaining fares to upgrade your taxi with better weapons and armour. After a while the local gangs start to give you missions like blowing up buildings and carrying out hits, making it feel more like GTA or Driver. Its very cool that this sort of game exists on the 3DO, but unfortunately they hadn't quite worked out the kinks at this early stage and there's many issues. The game is quite difficult to control and its easy to get lost or stuck in a bad situation, it also takes up an obscene amount of save space! As I said though, an interesting game, and its influence on later releases like Crazy Taxi is very obvious (not only in the game play but also in some of the style and art decisions).
Lost Eden   lost eden 3do
  This is a really likeable point and click adventure game that takes place in a fantasy land of talking dinosaurs! The game is cinematic and quite cutscene heavy, as was the style of the time (much like Myst) but the presentation values and the art design is excellent throughout. Game play does lull in the middle but the game is quite a short and sweet experience and I found it quite memorable.
Slam 'N Jam   slam n jam 3do
  Nice arcadey Basketball game from Crystal Dynamics, a company who did a great job of supporting the 3DO and would go on to find much fanfare working on Soul Reaver and the Tomb Raider license. Bright and colourful game that was quite impressive and fun at the time.
Cannon Fodder   cannon fodder 3do
  A very simple, but very addictive little game, In Cannon Fodder you basically just order a bunch of little army men to walk about and shoot the enemy. One of the cool things about the game is that if you keep the same guys from one mission to the next without them dying they get promoted, this makes you worry about their safety a bit more than usual, especially if they've stayed with you since the very first mission!
Myst   myst 3do
  Port of the atmospheric and highly popular PC game. Myst is kind of like a cinematic point and click adventure game in a lot of ways, you navigate around the world exploring and solving puzzles. The slow nature of the game play is not for everyone, but the game does a great job of immersing the player in its mysterious world. Happily this port also supports the 3DO mouse.
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