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17/02/2018: A sort of big announcement here. Our sister site, ComicStrip-Sanctuary has not done too well so its content is being merged here. As Retro-Sanctuary still pays for itself at the moment its not in any danger of being closed.

19/07/2017: Completed a Top 100 48k ZX Spectrum games list. The Spectrum was a British computer that was designed to be a hobbyist machine and tool to teach entry level programming but instead became used primarily for games. As a games machine it was somewhat comparable to the Colecovision, being released at the same time in the same price range.

09/07/2015: After seven months and two complete restarts, the Top 100 GameCube Games

07/09/2014: Completed a Top 100 Dreamcast List

20/04/2014: Completed an article highlighting some of the early pioneering platform games.

05/03/2014: Finally completed my PC-Engine CD list, its here. It was a difficult process, and due to the site's rules on imports I had to settle for a top 50 on this occasion. Had I included unfriendly imports I could've easily reached 100. Due to this factor I have added some additional info in many of the entries.

13/10/2013: Completed a couple more comparisons, B.O.B, and Great Circus Mystery

31/08/2013: Completed a couple more comparisons, Battle Squadron, and Air Buster

29/05/2013: I've been playing a lot of PC-Engine CD games recently with the intention of eventually putting together another top 100. In the meantime though I've revamped the N64 top 100, Including some new games which I hadn't gotten around to experiencing in time for the original list.

06/02/2013: Added a couple of comparisons, Mega Bomberman, and Wonderboy: Monster Lair

19/12/2012: Finally finished my Top 100 Turbografx games list (Hu-Card), its here

27/08/2012: Added two more comparisons, Mortal Kombat, and Bram Stoker's Dracula

11/07/2012: Added Star Wars, and Chuck Rock II comparisons.

06/06/2012: Added some more comparisons, Micro Machines 2, Bubble Bobble, and Zynaps

Welcome to Retro-Sanctuary; this website was started on March the 25th 2008 to provide quality info on all things retro, from the NES to the Dreamcast.
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