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Gs - Getting Started

G - Graphics

S - Sound


V - Value

P - Playability


Title Genre C&VG CRASH    
1942   G7 S7 V8 P9 63%    
2112AD   G7 S6 V8 P9 83%    
3D Tank Duel   G9 S7 V8 P8      
3D Tunnel   Gs8 G9 V8 P9      
Academy   G9 S8 V10 P10 92%    
Action Reflex   G6 S5 V5 P4      
Ad Astra   Gs8 G8 V8 P8 80%    
Agent X   G7 S6 V9 P8 85%    
Airwolf   G8 S7 V8 P8      
Alcatraz   Gs5 G4 V1 P1      
Alien 8   G10 S8 V9 P10 95%    
Aliens   G8 S7 V8 P9 84%    
American Football   G8 S5 V9 P9      
Ant Attack Isometric Gs7 G9 P7 V7 85%    
Antics   Gs8 G8 V8 P7 90%    
Aqauplane   Gs7 G7 P4 V5      
Arcadia Shoot-em-up Gs8 V8 P8      
Arena   G7 S5 V7 P8      
Astro Clone   G9 S8 V10 P9 88%    
Atic Atac Maze Gs9 G10 V9 P8 92%    
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes   G8 S8 V9 P8      
Avalon   Gs8 G6 V9 P9      
Avenger   G7 S7 V7 P7      
Back to Skool   G7 S6 V9 P8 93%    
Back to the Future 3   85% 93%    
Barmy Burgers Burger T Clone Gs9 G9 P8 V7      
Batman   G8 S7 V10 P10      
Battle of the Planets   G9 S8 V9 P9      
Battlezone   G8 S7 V7 P8      
Beaky   Gs7 G9 V8 P7      
Beanstalk   Gs8 G9 V9 P8      
Bear George   G9 S5 V5 P6      
Blind Alley   Gs8 V3 P3      
Bobby Bearing   G10 S8 V9 P10 94%    
Bombscare   G7 S7 V9 P9      
Boulderdash   G8 S7 V9 P10      
Brainstorm   G7 S6 V10 P9      
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